Activities and Results

  • November 2016, World Tsunami Awareness Day Event in the CENAPRED, Mexico City
    The event was organized by CENAPRED on November 4 and attended by approx. 150 persons from various sectors of the government, academia and private sector. The project participated in the event as a co-organizer, and 5 project members gave a presentation at the event.

  • November 2017, World Tsunami Awareness Day Event in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero
    The event started with the arrival of Caravan of Prevention in the public square of the city on the 5th of November, which was followed by international seminar where experts from Japan, Chile and Mexico shared their experience in the topic of tsunami. The event was participated by 760 persons, and approximately 18,500 printed materials were distributed.

  • October 2018, World Tsunami Awareness Day Event in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
    Several project members from A, B and C group participated in and shared the SATREPS project outcomes at the international seminar (October 15). Around 200 Civil Protection officers in the municipalities and states located along the pacific coast and members of civil societies attended the seminar.

  • October 2018, Official meeting on the cooperation through SATREPS project, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero
    Project leaders and C-2 members held talks with the new authorities of the Municipal Government of Zihuatanejo to share project progress and discuss plans of collaborative activities through the project. Field visit to local schools was also organized.

  • March 2019, Official meeting on tsunami evacuation strategy, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero
    Another official meeting was held on March 20 with the Municipal Government of Zihuatanejo to discuss tsunami evacuation strategy based on the evacuation simulations developed by C-1 Group

  • November 2019, World Tsunami Awareness Day Event in Manzanillo, Colima