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•  Benjemaa M., N. Glinsky, Cruz-Atienza V.M. , J. Virieux & S. Piperno   Dynamic non-planar crack rupture by a finite-volume method, Geophysical Journal International 171 271-285, doi:10.1111/j.1365-246X.2006.03500.x, 2007
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•  Delouis B., Legrand D.   Mw 7.8 Tarapaca intermediate depth earthquake of 13 June 2005 (northern Chile): Fault plane identification and slip distribution by waveform inversion., Geophysical Research Letters 34 , 10.1029/2006GL028193, 2007
•  Froger J.L., Remy D., Bonvalot S., Legrand D.   Dynamic of long term multi-scale inflations at Lastarria-Cordon del Azufre volcanic complex, central Andes, revealed from ASAR-ENVISAT interferometric data, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 255 148-163, , 2007
•  Cruz-Atienza V.M., J. Virieux, Carine Khors-Sansorny, O. Sardou, S. Gaffet and M. Vallée   Estimation quantitative du PGA sur la Côte d'Azur, 7ème Colloque National de l'Association Française du Génie Parasismique  222-230, Ecole Centrale Paris, France, 2007
•  Cruz-Atienza V.M., J. Virieux & H. Aochi   Modélisation de la rupture dynamique par une méthode de différences finies pour des failles non-planaires, 7ème Colloque National de l'Association Française du Génie Parasismique  97-105, Ecole Centrale Paris, France, 2007
•  Konca AO, Hjorleifsdottir V, Song TA, Avouac J-P, Helmberger DV, Ji C, Sieh K, Briggs R, Meltzner A   Rupture kinematics of the 2005, Mw 8.6,Nias- Simeulue earthquake from the joint inversion of seismic and geodetic Data, BSSA (97) 1A 307-322, doi:10.1785/0120050632, 2007
•  Chlieh M, Avouac J-P, Hjorleifsdottir V, Song TA, Ji C, Sieh K, Sladen A, Herbert H, Prawirodirdjo, L, Bock Y   Coseismic slip and afterslip of the Great Mw 9.15 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake of 2004 , BSSA (97) 1A 152-173 , doi:10.1785/0120050631 , 2007
•  Cabral-Cano E, T.H. Dixon, F. Miralles-Wilhelm, O. Díaz-Molina, O. Sánchez-Zamora, and R.E. Carande.   Space geodetic imaging of rapid ground subsidence in Mexico City, Geological Society of America Bulletin 120(11/12) 1556-1566, 10.1130/B26001.1, 2008
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•  Mellors, R. J., V. Cruz-Atienza, A. Aulia, and Z. Kalmetyeva   Modeling the 2006 Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan earthquake and waveform propagation in the northern Tien Shan, Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium, Geodynamics of Intracontinental Orogens 15-23 June , 7 pp, 2008
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•  Prez-Campos, X., Y. Kim, A. Husker, P. M. Davis, R. W. Clayton, A. Iglesias, J. F. Pacheco, S. K. Singh, V. C. Manea, and M. Gurnis   Horizontal subduction and and truncation of the Cocos Plate beneath central Mexico, Geophys. Res. Lett. 35 L18303, doi:10.1029/2008GL035127, 2008
•  Husker, A., I. Stubailo, M. Lukac, V. Naik, R. Guy, P. Davis, and D. Estrin   WiLSoN: The Wirelessly Linked Seismological Network and its application in the MesoAmerican Seismic Experiment, Seis. Res. Lett. 79 438-443, , 2008
•  Dalguer, L.A., S.M. Day, K. Olsen and V.M. Cruz-Atienza   Rupture models and ground motion for Shakeout and other southern San Andreas fault scenarios, 14e World Conference on Earthquake Engineering In proceedings 101-108, Beijing, China, 2008
•  Maufroy E., V.M. Cruz-Atienza, S. Operto, O. Sardou, G. Sénéchal, M. Dietrich, and S. Gaffet   Modelisation of topographic site effect 3D at the low noise underground laboratory (LSBB), Rustrel, France, 14e World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (14th WCEE) In proceedings pp 8, Beijing, China, Oct. 12-17, 2008
•  Melgar Moctezuma, Diego, Xyoli Prez Campos y Arturo Iglesias   Pumagrama, Geofisicosas 36 , , 2008
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