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Instructions for authors

Geofísica Internacional is a scientific quarterly journal dedicated to bring original unpublished material related to the geophysical phenomena occurring in the Latin American subcontinent. Contributions should not be limited exclusively to Latin American issues.

Manuscripts: All manuscripts should be prepared both in Word and PDF format (including adjoining figures) and mailed to eliedit@ Figures should be mailed separately in tiff or jpg format at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch). Submit

The first page of the article should contain the full title of the work, as well as the name and affiliation of each author and her or his postal and electronic addresses, marked with an asterisk.

Each article must include an abstract not exceeding 250 words, along with six keywords that accurately describe its contents. Both the abstract and the keywords must be submitted in English and Spanish.

Each section of the document shall be divided in sections, each with its corresponding header.

References: The accepted style of the references is as follows:

Severo (1994) carried out…
Haas et al. (2002) investigated…
…illite is the main clay mineral (Lüters, 1982).

The reference section of each article should be match the works quoted in the text in alphabetical order, eg.

Godinho L., Amado-Mendes P., Tadeu A., Cadena-Isaza A., Smerzini C., Sánchez-Sesma F.J., Madec R., Komatitsch D., 2009, Numerical simulation of ground rotations along 2D topographical profiles under the incidence of elastic plane waves. Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 99, 1147-1161.

Memoirs or proceedings:
Nakamura Y., 2000, Clear identification of funda-mental idea of Nakamura’s technique and its applications, in 12th World conference of Earthquake Engineering, 2656, Auckland, New Zealand, 30 January-4 February.

Melosh, H.J., 1989, Impact Cratering: A Geologic Process. Oxford University Press, New York, 245 pp.

The International System of Units (m, kg, s, k) should be used.

Will be accepted after approval of the appropriate Associate Editor and at least two referees. Authors are encouraged to suggest names of referees. Please contact the editorial staff on any questions related to the review process.

Galley proofs. Only minor changes and modifications, such as spelling corrections or typos, are acceptable at this stage. Corrected proofs should be returned within a week. The editor may approve an uncorrected proof for publication if no correction is received in time.

Color figures and photographs: Should the author desire illustrations in his article to be printed in color, the editorial board should be contacted, as a charge may be incurred.

Disclaimer: The authors are solely responsible for the source of the contents and images presented in their respective works. The journal is not responsible for any infringements of copyright. Authors are responsible published contents. Once an article is accepted for publication, the author agrees to transfer the copyright to Geofísica Internacional. Reproduction of any paper in full or in part requires prior written authorization by the Technical Editor of the journal.

The acceptance letter can only be granted by the Technical Editor.